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Sportsbet Punters Club

Fancy running a punters club during Melbourne Cup Carnival? Well online bookie has you covered!

Punters Clubs are a ritual during the big racing carnivals, but they can also be a pain to run. There is always that mate who is late to pay up, while entering results and working out payments is time consuming and boring.

With the Sportsbet Punters Club all the hard work is done for you. You simply join up, create your club, invite your friends and then Sportsbet takes care of the rest.

It is without doubt one of the most unique and revolutionary bookie products that has dropped in recent years. In fact we rate it so highly that it deserves a special mention on our site.

What is Sportsbet Punters Club?

The Sportsbet Punters Club is the ultimate betting hub for you and your mates during the Melbourne Cup Carnival this year.

Best of all it is free for anyone with a Sportsbet account. Basically you setup your own custom punters club naming it whatever you want.

Next  you can invite all of your friends to join. As long as those friends have funds in their account you are good to go.

Once you are all set up, you will take it in turns to place bets and if you are successful, the winnings will be deposited back into your account and shared evenly among the members.

If one of your mates makes a dog of a bet and costs you money, feel free to give him some grief in the banter section, which is basically like a big group chat for the members.

Step 1 – Join Sportsbet

First things first, you must be a Sportsbet member, that is self-explanatory. Don’t worry, it takes less than two minutes to register. Once registered, you will be good to go! Join Sportsbet here…

Step 2 – Create Your Club

Click on the Create A Club option on the Sportsbet website or on their app. All you need to do here is name the club and create a nickname. Easy as pie.

Step 3 – Create Club Rules

This is where you enter how much money each member will contribute, how often everyone will contribute (daily, weekly, monthly etc) and how much the club will stake per round.

Step 4 – Invite Members to Join

So you have created the club and got a few mates interested in joining your punters club. The next step is to invite them to join the group. Simply enter their phone number in the field and an automatic sms will be sent to them with details on how to join.

Step 5 – Time to Bet!

Your punters club is now created and your mates have no joined, so it is time to get betting! You will get the first bet as creator of the club, so simply click Bet Now and browse through the list of markets.

If that bet is a winning bet, winnings are deposited into everyone’s account. It then rotates giving everyone a chance to bet until it gets back to you. In the meantime you can enjoy some banter on the Activity Wall which is a lot of fun.