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Bet Live with Sportsbet

Bet Live at Sportsbet

Bet Live is a new feature that has just gone live at online bookie

As it is one of the best betting products out there, we thought that you would love to know. It could really transform the way that you bet during the 2016 Melbourne racing carnival!

With Sportsbet Bet Live, customers can now place a faster in-play bet during sports or racing event. All you need is their mobile betting app.

If you have either an iPhone or an Android phone, you are good to go. All live betting markets can be found in the Bet Live section, so all you need to do is navigate to the event you wish to place a bet on and click. It’s that easy!

The best bit is that it eliminates the need to speak to a live betting agent on the phone. Everything can be done from within the app.

How to Bet Live with Sportsbet

First things first you will need to have a Sportsbet account (obviously). So head on over to Sportsbet and register your account here if you do not yet already have one.

After you have registered you will need to download the Sportsbet Mobile App. From within the app, click on the Bet Live section to bring up a list of live betting markets that you can bet on.

Once you have found the market you want to bet on you will be required to enter your stake. This can be done by entering the amount you want to bet followed by the # key.

Your bet will be repeated back to your and then you will be asked to hit the 1 key to confirm your bet. With that, your bet will have been placed and you are good to go.

It is honestly that easy. We use Bet Live all the time here at Longines Mile and it really is one of the most useful products offered by any of the bookies out there.

Also did you know you can also stream live Victorian horse racing every day of the week from within the app? Yet another reason why we highly recommend Sportsbet.

Bet Live in 5 Easy Steps

  1. First you will need a Sportsbet account. Register here
  2. Download the Sportsbet Mobile App to your phone
  3. Go to the Bet Live section and find a live betting market
  4. Enter your stake followed by the # key
  5. Press 1 to confirm and you are now good to go!